Privacy policy

At The Fabric Townhouse we realise how important your information is and we recognise the trust you put in us to keep it safe. We believe it is very important to manage your personal data correctly. We want to be transparent and honest about how we collect, use and store your personal data, and the rights you have regarding your private information.

The Fabric Townhouse is run by Christine Jackson and Tom Hagerty, trading as The Fabric Townhouse. Throughout our Privacy Policy we may refer to The Fabric Townhouse as “we”, “us” or “our”, as our “Website”, and the customer as “you” or “your”. All services offered and performed by The Fabric Townhouse may be referred to as our “Services”.


It is considered that customers who visit, and continue to use The Fabric Townhouse, agree to our Terms and Conditions, and by doing so you are confirming that you have read and understood the terms detailed in our Terms and Conditions and in this Privacy Policy, including how we collect and process your personal data. In order for us to fulfil our Services this data must be acquired, so if you do not want us collecting and processing your personal data you shouldn't use our Services.



When you place an order you can either make an account or checkout as a guest.

If you checkout as a guest your information is recorded when the transaction takes place. Once your order is processed you are unable to edit this information.

If you decide to make another order you will have to resubmit all the required information again. If you make an account your information is remembered and creates a record of your use of our Services. With an account you can edit your personal data at any time by logging in and clicking on 'Your Account Details'. We ask that customers keep their information up-to-date. Your account is password-protected and we ask that you do not share your password with any third parties.

Whichever way you decide to checkout, we need certain information to fulfil your request. Customers voluntarily provide their name, delivery and billing address, phone number and email address. Other personal data, such as your IP address, web browser and/or mobile device, are automatically detected and this is collected to prevent fraud, to improve our security and to improve our Services. All of this data is securely stored on our website host Shopify. We retain this information for a historical record of our services.

Newsletter Sign Up

If you decide to sign up to The Fabric Townhouse Newsletter we will only ask for your name and email address. This data is stored on Shopify and will only be used to send you news and promotional offers via email. You can unsubscribe at any time and a link for unsubscribing will always be provided in the footer of each newsletter. 


The Fabric Townhouse uses cookies to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. These first party cookies are essential for us to offer you our Services. While using the Website cookies keep customers logged into their accounts, lets them create wish lists, and lets the Website remember what products have been added to their carts. Cookies are used to remember what pages you may have visited and what URLs you may have clicked on. You can remove permission to have these cookies collected in the settings of your web browser but blocking Shopify will severely limit the use of our Services.

When you visit our Website we ask that you agree to the use of third party cookies. Our Website uses third-party plug-ins and the use of these convenient functions may result in third parties tracking your actions. The same may apply if you visit our Website by clicking on a link or advert on another website or social media channel. We are not responsible for the way third parties collect, store and use cookies. Please refer to those third party privacy policies for more information. You can remove permission to have third party cookies collected in the settings of your web browser but blocking third party cookies may limit the use of our Services.

We use Google Analytics to measure the behaviour of visitors to our Website. Google Analytics assigns users with a unique number and although this cannot identify you as an individual it is considered personal data as it allows Google Analytics to track your behaviour on our Website. This cookie expires after 2 years or when you erase cookies from your browser settings.

We use Facebook Pixel to advertise on Facebook and to track conversions made through Facebook. Facebook Pixel encrypts your information and retains this information for 48 hours. For more information please visit Facebook's Cookie Policy.


If you have an account with us and you would like to update your details you can do this at any time by Logging In and clicking on 'Your Account Details'. If you would like your personal data erased please contact us. In order for us to process your request as quickly as possible please provide as many details as you can. If you can't remember which email address you used to shop with us we can always use your name, phone number and delivery address instead. We are able to permanently delete your account but a record of your transactions must be retained for legitimate business purposes.

Once your account has been deleted you will lose access to:

  • Your Account
  • Order history
  • Wish list
  • Loyalty points
  • Loyalty Club membership
  • Store credit
  • Gift vouchers
  • Refunds

If you are absolutely sure you want to be forgotten please don't hesitate to contact us.

The information you provide us with is shared with Royal Mail, Parcel Monkey and MyHermes as these are the companies we work with to ship orders. If you would like your personal data forgotten by these third parties please contact them directly. You can contact us to find out which of these shipping services may have information about you.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter MailChimp retain your name and email address, even when you have unsubscribed. If you would like your personal data forgotten by MailChimp please contact MailChimp directly.

If you don't want a particular website or company having information about you, or if you feel a website or company is tarnishing your reputation, you have the right to ask them to erase everything they know about you. As all of this information represents you as an individual you have the right to have this information removed. You also have the right to know all the information a website or company has about you. You can contact us at any time and we will provide you with everything we have regarding you as an individual, and ultimately it is up to you what information we are free to collect, store and use. If you feel like we are misusing your information you have the right to object to the way we are processing your personal data but by doing so you will no longer being able to use our Services.


When you place an order we will send you an email to confirm your purchase. We will also send you an email when your order has been shipped and/or when a refund has been issued. Emails are sent automatically through BigCommerce to the email address provided by you. You may also receive an email from PayPal and/or your bank to confirm payment for your purchase and/or when a refund has been issued. Please visit PayPal and your bank's website if you wish to edit your email notification settings.

When a purchase has been made BigCommerce automatically emails us to notify us of the activity. PayPal also automatically emails us to confirm payment. Your information contained within these emails are your name, delivery address and email address.

If we need to contact you we will use the email address provided by you. If we cannot contact you via email we will attempt to contact you via phone using the phone number provided by you. We do not use your phone number for any other purpose.

The emails we receive are securely stored on Gmail and only we have access to The Fabric Townhouse Gmail account. We retain this information for a historical record of our Services and as evidence of correspondence between ourselves and our customers, and we advise customers to keep a record of any correspondence with us.

Customers who abandon their orders at the payment stage are legible to receive Abandoned Cart emails. Abandoned Cart emails are sent automatically by BigCommerce using the email address provided by you. These emails are not marketing-related and are a legitimate part of our Services.

You may also receive service-related emails from us regarding changes to our Website, our products, your account and transactions.

We love to see what you make with our fabrics and if we want to show off your talent and creativity on social media we will contact you, either by email or on the social media channel we found you on. We will contact you for your permission to share your photo and both parties should keep the conversation as evidence of consent. Photos used are stored on our Dropbox account, which allows us to access the photos from multiple devices, and we will retain the photos for as long as we are able to use them to promote our Services.


As an online business we use social media channels where we like to encourage interactivity and conversation with our customers and those who show interest in The Fabric Townhouse. Communication with us via social media channels is public and anything you share can be read, collected and used by others.

It is important to use common sense and not to share valuable information in online public spaces, and anything you choose to share is your responsibility.

We have the right to remove content if it is deemed offensive or inappropriate. If you contact us and make a request to remove content we will do our best to do so (upon investigation) but due to the nature of social media channels we can not guarantee usernames/pseudonyms will be removed.


The information you voluntarily provide and the information we automatically collect is necessary to fulfil our obligations to you, which in most cases is fulfilling an order to completion, but also applies to all of our Services. Your information is used for billing, payment, identification and authentication. This includes sharing specific information with third party shipping companies. Specific information is shared with our newsletter service provider and is only done so with your consent.

We may use your information to find lookalike audiences through Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords. Your interest in The Fabric Townhouse helps us improve our efforts to reach new people and improve our Services, and to help our business grow, which is in the legitimate interest of The Fabric Townhouse and our customers.

We may share your information with third parties for the purposes of strengthening the security of our Website and this is in our legitimate interests for preventing spam, harassment, copyright infringement, crime and security risks.

We may also retain, preserve, or release your personal information to a third party if required to do so by law, such as complying with a court order or if requested to do so by national security and/or law enforcement. We have the right to disclose personal information if we believe in good faith that it is reasonably necessary to prevent illegal activities such as (but not limited to) theft, fraud, financial loss or violations to our Terms and Conditions.

Our Website has third party plug-ins that allow you to share our products on social media channels. We have no control over the information they are able to collect when you use the third party plug-ins. It is in your best interest to check the privacy policies for the third party plug-ins you choose to use, and if you have any queries to contact them directly.



In order to log in to your account an email address and password is required. You must keep your email address and your password secure, and never disclose them to a third party. If you suspect that your account has been accessed by somebody else, or without your permission, change your password immediately. We cannot recover forgotten passwords but we can reset your password for you.

Once you are logged in all pages regarding your account are secure. You can check that the page you are on is secure by looking at the URL address bar. You will see the text 'Secure' in green with a green padlock. The text 'https' will also be displayed in green.

We use secure payment facilities and follow generally accepted industry standards and practices to process online purchases. Your information is safely processed using SSL encryption software through PayPal and our merchant service provider PayPal powered by Braintree, which is how visa/debit card payments are processed. Our merchant providers then inform us, via the encryption system, the outcome of the transaction. Once your transaction is complete you will receive an email to confirm your order has been paid for. Please keep this email as proof of purchase. When you pay for your order your bank details are not stored on BigCommerce. A record of all transactions is stored on PayPal and this includes your name, delivery address and email address. No credit card details are remembered. This information is retained for legal purposes and as a historical record of our Services.

We print invoices which contain your name, delivery and billing address, phone number and email address, and these are placed in with your order. Any other copies containing your information are shredded and disposed of appropriately. Orders containing pre-ordered fabrics are printed and securely stored in our office. This information is not accessed by anyone other than us. Once the pre-ordered fabrics arrive and the order can be completed the printed invoice is placed in with the order and no extra copies are printed and/or kept.

All devices used to carry out our Services are password-protected and are only accessed by us. All devices are installed with antivirus and malware protection software.

Although measures have been taken to prevent the circumstances of personal data being lost or stolen, we cannot 100% guarantee the security of personal data collected and stored by us. By using The Fabric Townhouse and our Services you agree to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy, and thereby understand that your information must be collected and stored to fulfil your requests and to finish our Services to completion. By doing so you are acknowledging that shopping online has its risks. If there is a data breach all customers involved will be emailed to inform them of the situation and what actions they must undertake. Our Website may be temporarily offline and shopping will be temporarily suspended until all security issues have been resolved.


The personal data we collect is retained for as long as it is considered purposeful. When you make an account the information you provide is remembered until your account is deleted. When you place an order a record of your transaction history is created and it is retained as a historic record of our Services. If you checkout as a guest no information is stored. Although this information is not remembered a record of your transaction is still retained as part of our historical record of our Services. The information we retain is also necessary to fulfil certain legal obligations, such as accounting/taxes.

When you contact us we keep all email correspondence in order to stay on top of on-going queries, order history, refunds, customer complaints and anything else we deem necessary to continue our Services.

Personal data that is no longer useful or required is deleted. This applies to both physical and digital data.


We may amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and any changes made will go into action from the revision date. If we believe that the changes greatly alter our relationship with our customers, such as how information is collected, stored and used, customers will be notified of the changes via email. If amendments are minor and we feel it is unnecessary to contact customers directly we may outline any changes on our blog and/or in our newsletter. We encourage customers to review our Privacy Policy regularly for any updates.


You can email us at any time by email at:

Our mailing address is:

The Fabric Townhouse,
45 Dunnock Way,
St Ives,
PE27 5DH

If you feel like our Privacy Policy is not satisfactory and you would like to offer suggestions for improvement you can send an email to:

Our Privacy Policy was lasted updated on: 16/10/2020